Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Welcome to the “Inside Communication” blog site. This is a site dedicated to those who believe that the art of effective communication is at the heart of an organization’s innovation, collaboration and motivation. The goal of this informational exchange is to strengthen our interpersonal communication styles so we can inspire more trust, cooperation, commitment, and enthusiasm from those around us. Together, we will discover how new and established leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers are achieving greater success, simply by becoming clearer, more constructive communicators.

In this space we will explore how leaders become fluent in the language of leadership. We will look at how leaders become compelling communicators and get the attention of the listener? How do words, gestures, and active listening mobilize the enthusiasm needed to create and implement new solutions? How do leaders communicate a future vision in an easy going and evolving conversation; a conversation that galvanizes enthusiasm, energy and momentum in others?

I am especially interested in exploring the connection between communication and continuous innovation. After years of working with broadcast organizations, I contend that constructive communication is essential to the development of an innovative culture. At the heart of every innovative organization there are positive, self-aware leaders who know how to communicate in an effective, consistent and compelling manner. These successful leaders are result-oriented communicators. They are effective influencers that bring out the best efforts in people. They generate a connection that motivates people into action. Their constructive feedback and guidance is valued and trusted. As active listeners, they are able to "hear" the hidden potential within an idea or thought.

These innovative “evangelists” are dedicated to the art of empowering relationships. It is evident by the way ideas flow, rapport is strengthened, teams are challenged and championed, and goals are realized. As successful leaders they possess a confident communication style that creates a climate for action, as well as creativity, while minimizing the drain of conflict.

I want to learn what it is you have discovered and learned about the communication and innovation link. Here is a place to share with fellow communicators what leaders need to “be,” as well as what they “do” to inspire innovation, enthusiasm, and collaboration in the workplace. Thank you for joining me on this journey. And, please, stay in communication…